Zwanze Day 2016

It’s that time again, our annual Cantillion Zwanze Day! (Well, two days really, Fri. Sept. 30 and ‘officially”, Sat. Oct. 1)

We love Zwanze Day – because there is always only one keg of Zwanze, we tap lots of other fabulous Sours throughout the weekend. It’s our favorite tap list of the year!

Cantillon_i027How To Get A Pour/Ticket For Zwanze

Polly will begin taking names at about 9AM Saturday morning on the front sidewalk just by the front doors. Names will be taken in roughly order in which you arrive. Once we fill our list for all the Zwanze pours we will stop taking names. So that means if you name is on the list you will get a pour. We do this so that you can relax and enjoy all the other beers we have online while you wait for the 2pm Zwanze tappings!

If there is still capacity inside the Pub those folks not on the Zwanze list will be able to come in and drink all the other fabulous beers we serving that day. We do not allow folks to leave and return keeping their place “in line” for a Zwanze pour. Please arrive with the intention of settling down and enjoying the day with us.


Our kitchen will have a couple of simple breakfast items starting at 8AM and Nathaniel will be serving brunch from his truck starting about 9:30 that morning. He will be staying at least until the mid afternoon with fun dishes he as created to augment our regular kitchen menu.

Life after Zwanze!

Mamouche will not be tapped until after Zwanze blows or at 4:30pm – which ever comes last. Any customer who gets turned away for Zwanze will be given first dibs ticket for the Mamouche as long they are back in the building by 4:30pm We hope this soothes any hurt feelings that might occur if we have to turn anyone away

Click here for all the details, Drafts & Bottles list!

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