Zwanze Day 2014

Join us Saturday September 20th for the annual “Cantillon Zwanze Day”

A little about the Beer from Cantillon, Belgium

Cantillon_i027Zwanze At The Pub Is More Than Just The One Beer

We celebrate the style of spontaneous brewing as well as exquisite Belgian beers all weekend! Because there is always only ONE keg of Zwanze, we cellar beers all year long for tapping on that day and we encourage our guests to think past just the Zwanze and come and make a weekend of it. Special tappings on the Friday night before and Saturday morning, will give you plenty of rare beer to enjoy while you wait for the Zwanze Tapping at 2pm…to be followed up with at least one, rare, Cantillon tapping AFTER the Zwanze blows!

For the full Pour List, read here…

Zwanze And All Other Beers Are First Come First Serve

As in years past, Polly will personally take names for the waiting list starting around 9am.

With one notable difference about the process this year: Polly will be at the front door – you won’t have to track her down this year! T-shirts will also be sold at the front door (cash only).

Zwanze tickets will be sold to customers in roughly the order in which you arrive – not necessarily exactly when you arrive.

We don’t sell tickets or put people on the list if they plan to leave and come back. The system is weighted to reward those who plan to enjoy the day with us! Our seating space is quite limited, so tables and chairs are for those people who are purchasing something from the bar or kitchen, not just waiting for the Zwanze tapping.

The balcony & upstairs bar will open at 10AM for early arrivals. The first two groups of people on the waiting list will be invited to find tables upstairs. Later arrivals may not be able to go to the upstairs bar until their group is called for the Zwanze pour. Sorry, this is just a function of not having enough space for everyone to crowd in up there. If it’s important to sit with certain people then please arrive with those people.

The Zwanze Ticket

The Zwanze Ticket will include a 6 ounce glass of Zwanze and a choice of 1 or 2 other beers. Additional Cantillons on tap and in bottles will be à la carte. We don’t have the prices on all the beers yet and we can’t price the ticket until we have that information. No tickets will be sold or reserved prior to the day of the event.

Please Take Note:

We exceeded our fire capacity during last year’s Zwanze. This year we will have door people at both downstairs doors and the base of the balcony to insure we stay within reasonable limits. We will have to start denying entrance to folks if we reach capacity again. Hopefully with the late tapping of a rare Cantillon, we will spread the crowd out and give people a reason to come back if they are initially turned away. This is not something we can play around with so please arrive with the people you want to drink with.

What’s On Tap?

We will release the full list the week of the event…it’s pretty stellar! The list is sour heavy and there are lots of new things we’ve never had before!

No Bottle Shares On Zwanze Weekend

Please don’t bring your own bottles to open at the pub, outside on our sidewalk, or in our parking lot.


All interior spaces at the Pub will be non-smoking from 10AM – Midnight starting Sept 19th.

Good Lord That’s A Lot Of Rules!

Yep, it sort of blows our mind as well. That said, this weekend is the weekend we look forward to more than any other in the year. It’s our favorite draft and bottle list and our favorite customers from all over the country come and visit with us all weekend. Most of the rules are designed to make the experience more enjoyable for our customers by decreasing the wait for your next beer and insuring you can sit back are relax while you wait for the speciality tappings!

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