One of the beautiful – and most difficult – things about running a small family business is watching your employees blossom and develop and then, .inevitably, move on. The pride and joy I get from watching a young person become an exceptional employee is a big part of the fun of the job. Particularly in the bar business, when so many young people lose their way and get stuck in ruts they can never seem to emerge from. Drugs, alcohol abuse…other irresponsible behavior are rampant in the industry, so I’m grateful that my staff hasn’t fallen victim to those pitfalls. This week and soon after Mardi Gras, the pub will see two long term employees move on to what will hopefully be great steps in their long term careers!

Beth and her husband have bought their own small business and she will be transitioning out of her Friday night shifts soon after Mardi Gras. We are thrilled for her and this great opportunity. Beth has developed into an impressive business woman in the last few years. She is a friend and more recently, someone I turn to for excellent judgement on thorny issues. With her business/paperwork savvy and Greg’s talent in the coffee shop, I think they are sure to be successful.

Alfred will be moving to a new craft beer and arcade concept in the CBD called Barcadia. He will be helping out with their beer program…dare I say, “Beer Manager” and working behind their bar. While we are just short of devastated to lose him, we can’t deny it has the potential to be a fabulous long term move for him. Alfred has been an exceptional employee and anyone who knows his history at the pub will know how close we are to him.

You will be seeing Beth throughout Mardi Gras, but after you will have to come in on Wednesday or Thursday during the day to catch her. Alfred begins his new job immediately and his last days behind the bar at the pub will be Sunday (Jan. 20th), Tuesday (Jan 22) and Wednesday night the 23rd. He is already working at Barcadia on Monday and Thursday.

While we have all been shedding quite a few tears writing these great employees out of the schedule, I feel certain I’ll be crying a few tears of joy in a year or two, when I witness their accomplishments. We hope you go visit these guys in their new venues…we certainly will.

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