To Smoke Or Not To Smoke

We have been a smoking permitted bar for over 25 years. While just about every single one of my staff members (including me) smoke we felt it was time to carve out a space for those that do not like or cannot be around smoke. It’s not the perfect solution but I can assure you that decision was not made lightly and it was NOT done because any of us Hate smokers. It’s no doubt obvious from this letter that our sales have already suffered from this decision but we sincerely hope that it was a result of confusion and that this note will clear up a lot of misconceptions.

We sincerely hope that people in both groups will continue to patronize the Pub. We are able to do what we do because ALL of your are great patrons.


Polly Watts (Owner)

The smoking policy that has been in place for the last 18 months on Friday & Wednesday nights has now been extended to the rest of the week.

Where you CAN smoke:

Downstairs interior bar – 24/7 smoking permitted with the exception three or four times a year when we do very high profile and crowded beer events like Cantillon Zwanze. The three exceptions in the last 12 months have been Cantillon Zwanze, Swedish Stormskaporter and American Craft Beer Week Saturday Grand tasting. Over 40 seats in this area.

Downstairs Bar Back Patio & St Charles Sidewalk Seating – 24/7 Smoking permitted no exceptions, Over 30 seats in these areas.

On the exterior Balcony – smoking permitted whenever is it open. it opens at 5pm daily and closes no earlier than midnight 7 days a week. Over 50 seats in this area.

Where you can NOT Smoke:

In the interior of the Upstairs bar prior to 1AM Smoking NOT permitted. We normally close before that time, but for the groups that make prior arrangements to come in late we will allow smoking because they are essentially private parties. We trust that people in these groups will be respectful and not put their cigarettes out on the floor or carpets. Over 40 seats in this area.


Our selection of cigars are still available for sale from the upstairs bartender and are provided to us by Habana Port. We Welcome cigar smokers but request that you indulge on the exterior balcony and not inside the upstairs space. The upstairs bar (non smoking) and attached exterior balcony (smoking permitted) open at 5pm daily and close between midnight and 1am.


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