Thurs. Feb 7th Parades – Muses!

Thursday Feb 7th Parades!

Knights of Babylon start 5:45 pm
Krewe of Muses start 6:30 pm
Krewe of Chaos start 6:30 pm

Downstairs open to general Public
Balcony/ upstairs bar access with ticket
Tickets that include a bar tab and balcony access will be sold in advance and will be available for sale to the general public on Saturday Jan 19th. First come first serve.
$48 includes balcony access, $40 bar tab and gratuity for the bar tab portion of the ticket.
No refunds will be offered after purchase but if the weather means the parade is cancelled the tickets will be accepted as $40 gift certificates for us AFTER the parade season is over. (Feb 13th)

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