Sunday BBQ Pop Up

Starting Sunday, April 22nd –  11AM till 11pm

Rob & Amy from NOLA Smokehouse will be in the house every Sunday with their wonderful BBQ!

Everything will be packaged  TO GO, however,  customers of the Bar are welcome to Dine in while they enjoy their beverages.

Order your BBQ & sides at the kitchen counter and your beverages at the bar!

Buy a pint of beer AND some awesome BBQ and save $$$

Rob will give you $1 off your food order if you order a pint of beer from the Bar and the Pub will give you $1 off your pint(s) if you order food!

Please note: the regular pub menu will NOT be available during Pop Up hours. We are giving them the Day off!

We know this might sound a bit confusing! NOLA Smokehouse is an independent caterer and they are borrowing our kitchen (free of charge). We welcome their customers to enjoy the fabulous beers the pub has to offer, but there is limited seating in the bar, so we have to reserve that seating for Pub customers. Thanks for understanding while we try to help NOLA Smokehouse AND give our customers a treat!

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