Stillwater/Cazeau/Evil Twin/Tilquin Tap Takeover Rollout

The majority of these beers will ONLY be available at the pub are VERY Limited!

Beer Histories and Descriptions

Tilquin Gueuzerie

Pierre Tilquin learned his craft at Cantillon. Encouraged by Jean Van Roy of Cantillon he struck out on his own a few years ago to become a blender of his own beers. This is is maiden batch. this beer is the reason that La has the entire 12% portfolio. I begged, they answered:)

Oude Gueuze a L’Ancienne bottle pour

6% ABV Gueuze, traditional

Pours a cloudy golden body with a medium off-white head. Aroma of grapefruit, grass, lemon, mustiness, green apple, barnyard, florals, and earth. Flavor of grapefruit, lemon, florals, and earthiness with a dry oak finish. Cantillon really shines through. An excellent start for this new blender.

Gueuze Draft Version AKA Meerts

a blend of one and two year old lambics this is designed to be a low ABV easy drinking compliment to the bottle version.

Evil Twin Brewing

Before During & After Christmas IPA Pub Exclusive draft only

deep orange color, fluffy off white head, lacy. nose of malt, with a good dose of citric hops and apricot. flavor has a malty backbone with citric hops and a trace of pine. there is also dried fruit there. medium bodied, bitter finish that lasts 8%ABV

Monk Suffer serious Sugar High on Barbados Pub exclusive bottle only

Belgian dubble that Pours dark brown – almost black. Nose/taste of beet sugar, dates, dark fruits, sweet raisins and dark caramel. Finishes with alcohol soaked raisins and plum 8%ABV

Saison with Brett Ron & the Beast Brian draft, limited bottles in market

This is a never before seen collaboration between Ryan and the Beaster Bunny. A fluffy saison saison brewed on the island of Fano on the west coast of Denmark 7%ABV

Evil Twin Molotov Cocktial Pub Exclusive bottles only

Evil Twins explosive DIPA. The name is fitting. Its a hops and alcohol loaded palate killer. Sure to wow the serious hop heads and scare the living daylights out of everyone else. Imperial IPA 13% ABV

Brasserie de Cazeau

Saison Cazeau Pub exclusive Draft only

Saison made with elderflowers 4.8% ABV. Made and released only once a year this is annual treat in the few craft beer bars that exsit in Belgium and the even fewer bars that are lucky enough to get kegs of it in the US. As well as the Pilsen malt and two hops which give it a really nice bitter flavour, Saison is laced with elderflowers (Sambucus Nigra L.) which make it really refreshing. The elderflower only blooms for three weeks between mid-May and mid-June, which means that production of this Saison is very time-limited.

Tournay Black Pub pub exclusive Draft Only

Belgian Stout 7.6% ABV A stout is a rare thing in Belgium. Most Belgian beer drinkers prefer lighter beers. Black with ruby highlights, small head that dies quickly. Aroma is light, just a little roast and Belgian yeast. The flavor is light, small roasted malt and a sour twang too. Belgian yeast plays a role , adding a subtle fruityness that works well with the mild sour note.

Hop Ten Dormaal

Wit Goud with chicory root

Belgian Strong Pale ale 8%ABV Hard to find accurate descriptions on the Beer review sites. it appears to be a small batch version of their Blonde ale with the addition of chicory root. Complex beer with perfume in the nose but bitterness from the chicory on the palate.

Hopfenstark Pub exclusive Draft only

This is a tiny draft only Canandian brewpub. A lot of his beers are so small batch and often times one time brews that they don’t appear on any of the review sites. This is an example although the brewer is well known for his berliner wiess. Berliner Weiss with fresh rasberries. 

Emelisse Brewery

Emmelisse Black & Tan Jack Daniels Barrel aged Imperial stout Pub exclusive draft only

deep dark yummy with a hint of the barrel aging coming through. So small batch it is again very difficult to find on the rating sites. 10% ABV Imperial stout

Stillwater Artisanal Brewing

Brian Strumke is a gypsy brewer. He travels the world and creates his amazing artisanal beers at breweries all over the world. Although all of his beers are technically ‘farmhouse” ales they are also a great example of why style categories don’t always work. You cant shove any of his beers into a box and label it accurately using common beer style terminology. Try a mix of them and you will see why he has gained the attention and admiration of the entire craft beer community. Next to the name you will see style suggestions to give you some idea of what sort of beer drinker they will appeal to.

Stateside Saison on Cask ( most like an IPA)

Limited draft and bottles in the market

an Old world beer made with new world ingredients. US and New Zealand hops make up this very balanced but hop forward beer. On cask it shines even more.

Autumnal on Cask ( most like a German style Octoberfest or kellerbier)

limited draft and bottles in the market

inspired by deep rich German fall beers this uses German 2 row malt, perle spalt and hallertau hops and a rustic farmhouse yeast. satisfying caramel malty flavor but with clean finish

Cellar door ( summer seasonal)

draft, limited bottles in Market, 6.6% ABV

a late summer seasonal. created with more ribust flavors than typical ‘; summer ‘ beers. using a base of German wheat and pale malts Brian adds stering & ctira hops to create a grassy and citrusy beer. He finishes it off with just a bit of white sage. Mildly earthy and a little bit spicey.

Existent Pub exclusive draft only

7.4% ABV Black IPA/saison

Dark deep and dry. lots of roasted malt and earthy hops. Think a black IPA meets a saison

Harvest Pub exclusive Draft only

Scandanavian Farmhouse ale 6.7%ABV

the newest Stillwater release- a 7.5% saison wet hopped with fresh citra hops

Barrel aged ‘our side” collaboration with Mikkeller Pub exclusive draft only

The flip of his Stateside IPA, this collaboration done with Danish Brewer Mikkeller refers to Our Side and means Europe. piney resinous west coast style hopping in a farmhouse ale.

Autumnal barrel aged cellar DoorPub exclusive draft

Brian’s Autumnal aged in Bourbon barrels. deep , rich and delicious. Oh My!

Debauched Pub exclusive bottles

a hoppy 6.5% saison meets IPA brewed with Juniper & Brett


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  1. Do you sell Evil Twin by the bottle? What is the cost? And does the bottle actually say Evil Twin or is that the Brewing Company only? Please advise