rsz_posing_with_bus-768x512Introducing, NOLA Brew Bus & Craft Beer Tours!

Our friend & NOLA Brew Bus founder Matt Marsiglia says “New Orleans is a world-class city just now entering the prime of America’s craft beer explosion. We have the opportunity to join the likes of Denver, Portland, Seattle, etc. as the next elite craft beer city. NOLA Brew Bus was opened to help promote this new chapter in our rich history, and we are excited to provide you the same tour experience you have in the French Quarter but make it beer-centric traveling into our various neighborhoods outside the Quarter. In New Orleans, when we put our heart and soul into our passions, we are world-class in everything we do. We may be a few years late to the craft beer party, but New Orleans is here to show you that craft beer is now our niche. There is a reason why 10+ million tourists and conventions visit our intimate city of 400,000 people on an annual basis. We do it right.”

In New Orleans, when we put our heart and soul into our passions, we are world-class in everything we do.

While Brewery Tours will certainly be the focal point of the business, there are a few tours to be excited about:

  • Craft Beer Bar & NOLA History Tour – A weekly tour every Thursday; drink the best local and regional craft beer while learning about the history of our city dating back to when Bienville & Iberville founded the first colony in Louisiana in 1699 to present day
  • Craft Cocktail & Jazz Tour – a weekly tour every Tuesday, this is one of my favorites; enjoy three stops at three hot spots in the city while enjoying NOLA invented cocktails, the history behind all of them along with the rich history behind libations in our city
  • Local’s Night – once per month 6-stop pub crawl to get locals in a new neighborhood
  • Dive Bar & Food Truck Pairing – once per month tour to showcase our Food Truck scene
  • Mardi Gras Brewery Tour – 11am to 3pm during the week leading up to Mardi Gras. We are starting and ending all the tours at Avenue Pub!

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