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Balcony Hours:

  • 5 pm – 12 am, Monday – Thursday
  • 1 pm – 1 am, Friday – Saturday
  • 4 pm – 12 am, Sunday (Open early for Saints games & special events)


1 June, 2:00 pm – 5:00 pm: Vintage E.H.Taylor Barrel Proof

We’ve been collecting Bourbon for over a decade now. Summer slows down and we have a chance to focus on some of the treasures we have buried in our collection! Join us for some (or all) of these Bourbon focused events, highlighting Bourbons you’d be hard pressed to find anywhere but the Pub! If you see “Aint D’ere No More”, you’ll know we we will pouring vintage bottles!

Buffalo Trace began releasing cask strength E.H. Taylor annually in 2012. Our 2012 & 2013’s are long gone, BUT we have vintages going back to 2014! It’s rare to see these old batches in the market at all and even more rare to see them offered side by side for comparison. E.H. Taylor is a low rye mashbills (think George T Stagg); aged in Warehouse “C”, built when Taylor was running the distillery!

  • 129 proof batch 3 released 2014
  • 127.2 proof batch 4 released 2015
  • 127.5 proof batch 5 released 2016
  • 128.1 proof batch 6 released 2017
  • 129.7 proof batch 7 released 2018


Fri. 7 June 7, 2:00 pm: Cask Is Back

Fyne Ales Avalanche – Avalanche is a true Golden Ale that starts with stunning citrus on the nose. Well- balanced with good body and fruit balancing with a refreshing hoppy taste, it finishes with a long bittersweet aftertaste. We tap at 2pm!

Sat. 8 June, 2:00 pm – 5:00 pm: Ain’t Dere No More

Jimmy Russell of Wild Turkey

  • Wild Turkey Masters Keep (17 year) –  The oldest AGE STATED whiskey ever released by Wild Turkey, the first limited release by  Eddie Russell as a master distiller  this master keep series was bottled only one time in 2015.
  • Wild Turkey Diamond – a blend of 13 to 16 year old bourbon, each barrel selected by Jimmy Russell for his 60th anniversary as a distiller in 2014.
  • Wild Turkey Russells Reserves (Avenue Pub Barrel) – The Pub’s own barrel. When Jimmy Russell calls to say he’s in town and has barrel pick options with him you drop everything you are doing and taste bourbon. On this particular visit Bruce (Jimmy’s grandson) and Polly found a barrel they both loved in a blind test. Polly bought the barrel. That’s this barrel.

Sun. 9 June, 2:00 pm – ?: St. Arnold 25th Anniversary Party

Houston’s little local brewery has been around for 25 years and not so little anymore! We have long loved them and over the years have cellared some beauties. St. Arnold is sending us some new beers and lots of fancy glassware and schwag for the party. Come enjoy some vintage Bishops Barrels (releases started in 2011) and other rare and special new St. Arnold beer with us!

  • Bishops Barrel 1,7,11,12,15,19,22,23
  • 25th Anniversary Grande Cru
  • Palmer Gose
  • Witte
  • Art Car IPA with Valencia Oranges


Sat. 15 June: Avenue Pub Private Barrel Club Tasting

Come join us on one of Two Saturdays to peruse and taste our private barrel Selections paired with small bites. Taste all four and choose the one you want to take home with a Avenue Pub engraved Flask!

Four Roses 122.2 proof cask strength OESK – OESK yeast, aged 9 years 4 months 122 proof – more intense with a spicier yeast profile. Spice on the nose, spice up front & bold caramel

Four Roses Single barrel 100 proof OBSV 2017 OBSV yeast, aged 8 yr, 5 months 100 proof – we’ve long loved Four Roses and we acquired one of the very last barrels of the 100 proof that they sold to a private source! Cherries, oak, plum, smooth & fruity.

Russells Reserve Single barrel 110 proof – this is truly special; Jimmy Russell (along with his son & grandson) visited the pub and brought the samples in himself. Soft vanilla, cinnamon & wood spice with a small bite at the finish.

Old Forester, 90 proof – Aged at least 6 years, the First Old Forester barrel pick sold in La! Classic Old Forester palate Smooth vanilla, oak silky & delicate.

Tickets are $75 and include a flight with all four, your choice of a bottle to take home and an Avenue Pub Flask.

Tickets available at Eventbrite

Sat. 22 June: Ain’t Dere No More

The Faces of Trace – Single Oak batch #4, one time release 2011

In 2011 Buffalo Trace distillery began a lengthy experiment to drill down all the different variables that went into making great bourbon. Over 4 years, they released 132 bourbons each with a different twist on aging, mash bill, barrel entry proof and type of oak used in the barrel. It will come as no surprise that some of these releases missed the mark and others were exceptional. With the series complete and all the reviews logged we can now see which ones we’d want to drink again! We will be pouring 10 of the selections from the 2011 Batch release # 4 which garnered high ratings for all but one of the bourbons. It’s a great opportunity to taste the difference a rickhouse or wood grain makes in the end flavor of bourbon.

$10 for a flight of 3 (½ ounce pour each)

Printed copies of the tasting notes and barrel differences will be available at the tasting for you to choose which you want to try and compare or take a look at this link to study ahead!

Detailed review of each courtesy of The Drinkhacker.

Sat. 27 July: Ain’T Dere No More

In 1996 a fire destroyed Heaven hill distillery. The fire started in an aging warehouse and spread to other buildings and vehicles. 90,000 barrels of flammable bourbon were consumed. A “river of fire” flowed from the warehouses. From one account of the fire: “Flames leapt hundreds of feet into the air and lit the sky throughout the night. Witnesses reported seeing whiskey barrels explode and rocket across the sky like shooting stars … a two-mile long stretch of the creek that supplied process water to the distillery was set ablaze for a brief time.” the distillery survived with the help of neighboring distillers ( Jim beam & Brown Forman) and some stores of bourbon that were not destroyed. Elijah Craig has been produced in their new Berhiem distillery since 1999.

These very special batches were distilled and put into barrels before the fire and were among the stocks of aging bourbon that survived the fire. Pre-fire Elijah Craig (Flight of ½ ounce each $45):

  • Elijah Craig 20 year barreled in 1991 (2011 Whiskey Of The Year)
  • Elijah Craig 21 year barreled in 1990
  • Elijah Craig 23 year barreled in 1990



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