Ray Dieter of DBA

We stand tall because we stand on the shoulders of those who came before us.

Terrible news this morning that Ray Dieter of DBA will not survive his tragic accident in New York this week. Our love and hearts go out to his family, friends and crew in the hope that the community he helped found can sustain them in their grief.

Although others are better suited to speak to Ray’s personal impact on their lives, I do want to share the effect of his life on our beer centric community. Ray’s impact in the New Orleans beer and music community cannot be measured and the same can be said of his impact in the beer community at large. As Tom Peters of Monks Cafe said “he loved good beer before good beer was cool”. He insisted on quality in his locations long before anyone else even considered the possibilty that a music club or bar could function without Bud, Miller or Coors.

The ripples he started years ago will continue to influence our community for years to come. Without the trails he blazed, bars like The Avenue Pub would not be what they are today.

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