Parades Start Tonight!

Check our current draft list as we tap new beers this weekend!

Things to remember about parade season:
Car towing along the parade route begins 2 hours prior to parade start. At the pub that is St Charles ave and sometimes those cars parked within 30 feet of the corner of st Charles ave.

Street closures begin about one hour prior to parade start. At the pub that includes Polymnia st at st Charles and Prytania street. Barricades are removed shortly after parades end in case you come early and want to leave after the parade

Plastic replaces glass at the pub no later than 5pm the night of a parade.

Balcony access at the pub is FREE through Wednesday Feb 15 IF you order at least one of the beers we are celebrating those nights (see list below)

We do not charge for bathroom use but please buy a drink or more if you you are using it  😉
Likewise, please do NOT bring in drinks from the outside.

Please have your ID on you. It’s busy and we may card you!

Balcony & beer details for this weekend:
Friday Feb 10th
Balcony opens at 5pm
Parade rolls by around 730 or 8
It’s saint Arnold’s night with
Divine reserve and their new very limited release bitter Belgian.

Saturday Feb 11th
Balcony opens at noon
Parades start at 1pm & rollo by the pub about 3pm throughout the day and night.
It’s the Stone NOLA Pour Me something Mistah rollout. We will fill growlers to go but only when the crowds at the bar allow. Growlers can NOT be consumed on premises. A empty porcelain flip top growler will sell for $15 plus tax, the fill of Throw me Something Mistah will also be $14.

Sunday Feb 12th
Balcony opens at noon.
Parades start uptown at noon and reach the pub around 1:30pm or 2pm. (day parades only)
Its Sierra Nevada Day and we will be rolling out Torpedo their Double IPA on draft.
No parades Sunday night but the balcony will be open and we will be serving in glass.

Monday and Tuesday are not parade dates, serving in glass. Balcony will be closed on Monday night.

No trivia Tuesday night but come join us for Valentines Day!  

Wed Feb 15th
Balcony opens at 5pm
Parades Start uptown at 630 and reach the pub by 8 or 9 pm. This is the night with the new all female super krewe Nyx.
It’s Abita night in the balcony with rum barrel aged abbey ale and a double dry hopped Jockamo IPA.

On any of those  nights if you plan to drink on the balcony please start your tab up there!

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