Oktoberfest Offerings On Draft

Dieu du Ciel! Dernèire Volonté: Dernière volonté (French for “Last Will”) is a mix of Belgian and English brewing traditions. Complex flavours of hop flowers and spicy, fruity esters from our Belgian yeast are perfectly balanced with the robust flavours and aromas of malt. The finish is commandeered by an assertive aroma from dry-hopping.

To Øl Black Ball: Black Ball is a potent porter, boasted with dark cassonade (raw/unrefined) sugar and a good heap of American hops to re-balance the edgy and full-flavoured malt profile. You will find notes of chocolate, caramel and sulphur. This result in a porter with a broad and delicate mouth feel, capable of a good kick and does not leave the mouth voluntarily.

Ayinger Oktoberfest Marzen: Marzens are dark brown, full bodied and cellared over the summer months in caves or stone cellars . Malty flavor and a clean dry finish.

Leute Bok: Leute Bok ale is a dark red heavy beer, top fermented and re-fermented in the bottle. The aroma and taste is unique and striking, not too sweet, but full and smooth on the tongue. The “official” denomination of the style is “Double Bock”, since it is over 7 % alcohol by volume. Double is an identification of alcohol strength. Bock beer is originally associated with the Einbeck region in Germany. The tradition to brew double bocks was first seen in the Munich (Germany) area where it was presented every year as a winter beer.

Sierra Nevada Brewing Co. & Dogfish Head Craft Brewery – Life + Limb: Life & Limb is a collaborative effort, the brainchild of Sierra Nevada Brewing Co. and Dogfish Head Craft Brewery. Life & Limb is a 10% ABV strong, dark beer that defies style characteristics- brewed with pure maple syrup from the Calagione family farm in Massachusetts and estate barley grown on the Grossman “farm” at the brewery in Chico, CA. The beer is alive with yeast-a blend of both breweries’ house strains-bottle conditioned for added complexity and shelf life, and naturally carbonated with birch syrup fresh from Alaska.

Crispin Joan of Arc Barrel Aged Cider: Twinned hard apple and pear ciders aged for over 6 months in single-turn Sauvignon Blanc oak wine barrels. A summer cider with pronounced oaky characters. Lighter body with an almost wine like character with a dry finish & tannic tautness and substance.

Kissmeyer/Hill Farmstead Saison De Fleur: As the label says, really just a richer version of La Moneuse, using a little caramelized malt and maybe more hops. The malt flavor of the Special is a little darker, roastier, and certainly sweeter, which must somehow distract attention a bit from the earthiness which is so notable in La Moneuse. The Beers of Wallonia authors opine that the Special Winter offers more “character” than the regular La Moneuse, but we don’t entirely agree. The beers share a lot of the same characteristics, but in different proportions.

Aecht Schlenkerla Eiche (Oak Smoke) Dopplebock: While for the classic “Aecht Schlenkerla Rauchbier” traditionally beech has been – and still is – used, the malt for “Schlenkerla Oak Smoke” is kilned with Oak wood. The resulting Schlenkerla Oak Smoke Malt has a smoother and more multi layered smoky note than the intensely aromatic Beech Smoke Malt. The hence complex smokiness in the “Schlenkerla Oak Smoke” is paired with the multifaceted bitterness of finest Hallertau aroma hops. With 8% alcohol and amber color it matures for months in the deep brewery cellars underneath Bamberg into a special treat for smoke beer lovers.

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