New tastes in August

Sake – Monday August 1st

A couple of our staff are real Sake lovers. For them, and for our customers who like trying new things, we have scheduled this tasting on Beth’s shift (she is one of our staff Sake lovers).

These are not the cheap-served-warm things you might be familiar with, so come join us for a new experience!

Ty Ku: new JunMai sake from Ty Ku. Dry.

Momo Kawa, G: Straight from the cask sake. Good for food pairings or sipping by itself. Between dry and barely sweet

Ozeki Hana-awaka: Sweet and bubbly

Unfiltered Sake to be announced

2 ounce pour of each Sake, $ 12

 Pollys Belgian Beer Container – Wed August 3rd

My first container from Europe arrives! The importer will be with us to sample these beers; some of which haven’t been in to the country yet! More details to come (sign up for the email list)

Seirra Nevada Ovila Saison – Wed. August 10th

The second beer in a series of 3 in SNs collaboration with the Monks of New Clairveaux. We have a cellered keg of the dubbel released this spring; the new beer is a saison. Rep’s from SN will be with us as we tap both. A note to the newbies reading this; visits from the SN peeps are always great – they have been craft beer leaders for decades and the discussions that happen at these events are always worth participating in – even if you aren’t interested in these particular beers make some time and come listen…you will be glad you did!

Ommegang roll out party! – Wed. August 17th

Its finally here…the US based Belgian sytle brewery kicks off their market entrance with a party at the pub including Ommegangs special, draft-only release Aphrodite and Duvels not yet released single ale (don’t know how we scored that one). We will have some special tappings just for the event, brewery Rep’s, glassware to give away and lots of really great beer!

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