New & Exclusive Beers

What’s On Tap Now That You Shouldn’t Miss!

Gudelos (Godless) Imperial Stout this is a very small batch tiny brewery in Denmark. About 3 times a years we get a keg of it. It’s rich and dense and delicious.

Contreras Valeir Extra: a Belgian IPA. nice and hoppy but with that every good balance that only the Europeans seem to be able to achieve. very drinkable

HofBlues: a Belgian dark ale, roasty, malty and yeasty. Quite a lot of nuance and detail for a beer that’s only in the 6% range. a delight to drink.

De Ranke Saison De Dottignes, a traditional saison from one of our favorite small Belgian brewers. Yeasty but not overly. drinking this beer takes me right back to a Belgian cafe……. its that on target.

Stillwater Kopstootje; brewed with the Liquor Genever in mind. Brian told me that he basically deconstructed the genever recipe and turned it into beer. its delicious with or without its liquor pairing. very traditional European saison with lots of herbal notes. add a shot of the handcrafted Genever on the side for $3.

Evil Twin Yin & Yang. two beers, a imperial stout and a imperial IPA that are brewed with the intention of blending before serving. they are stellar by themselves of blended.


New Regular Rotation Beers

These are specialty beers that we used to only get every so often but are now able to access on a regular basis. I’m pretty picky about what gets a regular rotation tap line so if you see them its a lock that im really fond of them.

Quintine The Witch Blonde. honestly the best Blonde I’ve had to date…European or American. lots of nuance and interest in this beer with just enough hops to crisp it up. its 8 % so don’t let its drinkablity fool you. Not just another blonde ale and definitely worth your time. this is our last keg and we will follow with a slightly lower ABV blonde from Hof Ten Dormal.

STILLWATER Stateside Sasion and Cellar door. Brian Strumke has been hailed as the BEST new American Brewer with good reason. His beers are all master strokes. while we will rotate from the many wonderful beers he is willing to send us you will see Stateside IPA and Cellar door Witbier (with white sage) pop up more often. both are great and totally different. There are waiting lists for Brian’s beer all over the US so unfortunately you wont see one of his beauties on tap at all times but we appreciate what he allocates us.

Saison DuPont quite possibly the standard bearer for funky Belgian saisons. its not hard to find in bottles but it is hard to find in good condition in bottles, a stunning beer but its quite fragile and most stores don’t store it properly enough to retain its beauty for long. It took two years of cajoling to be able to access this one in kegs as its handled by a wine distributor here that doesn’t like to bring in kegs. Now, if i could only get them to bring in Weihenstephaner:)

Imperial IPAs St Arnolds Endeavor, Brooklyn Blast, Stone Ruination & Sierra Nevada Torpedo. the tide has finally turned on Hoppy beers. for the first time since I started doing this I have a rich choice of Hoppy American beers. All three are year round beers and will rotate on and off the system.  There are more IPAs and DIPAs coming into the state later this spring.


Bottles You Shouldn’t Overlook
(some of these are ONLY at the Pub and not available in retail shops in LA)

Evil Twin Jeppe the gypsy brewer behind Evil Twin is Mikkel of Mikkeller brewing twin brother. every bit as edgy and crazy bt his beers are smaller batch and a whole lot harder to get.

Been Smoking too Long bourbon barrel aged imperial stout

Monk suffers serious sugar high on Barbados Belgian double

9th symphony triple aged in chardonnay barrels

Imperial vanilla stout aged on cherries ( should be at Steins deli too)

Lover Beer Italian sours. spectacular, hard to get and expensive sours from Italy. they are worth the money but they aren’t for the beginner sour drinker.


On Deck In The Next Three Weeks

Hantverksbryggeriet (Han for ordering purposes) Kosacken imperial stout and Munken barley wine. both beers with great reputations from a small European brewery. we had to get on a waiting list for these beers and we are excited to finally be able to tap them!

Evil Twin Brewing soft DK a kick ass imperial Vanilla Stout. the last keg we had flew out of the door. don’t miss this one.

Petrus aged Pale Ale not for the beginner sour drinker this is a pucker up beer. we were lucky enough to get a pallet of this and we are down to two kegs. it gets better with age and im not sure when we will be able to get more once these tow kegs are gone.

Tilquin Gueuze. my last keg of gueuze and its hard for me to part with it. Pierre Tilquin came out of Cantillon and it first new Gueueze blender in a generation. This is his meerts version which is a blend of the one and two year old lambic. the three year blend is only in bottles.

Hof Ten Dormal Blonde. technically a saison but this one drinks more like a rich blonde ale. lower in ABV than the Quintine which we thought was important for warmer weather drinking
Cantillon Bottles; expecting a new shipment in a week or so.

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