Mardi Gras Parade Tips

Mardi Gras Is A Marathon Not A Sprint
Pace yourself. every year we see the damage from folks that just don’t know what drinking for 5 days straight will do to their bodies!
Parking & Street Closures
Car towing along the parade route begins 2 hours prior to parade start. At the pub that is St Charles Ave and sometimes those cars parked within 30 feet of the corner of St Charles Ave.

Street closures begin about one hour prior to parade start. At the pub that includes Polymnia St at St Charles and Prytania St. Barricades are removed shortly after parades end in case you come early and want to leave after the parade

Bathroom Access
Our bathrooms are for customers only during parades. Please see details here
Plastic Cups
All drinks are served in plastic before, during and after a parade. Yep, that even goes for Cantillon. Legally and for safety reasons we just can’t serve in glass during a parade. Our staff makes the call about 2 hours before parade start to switch to plastic and we don’t return to glass until we thinks it’s safe. If you are a beer geek that has chosen to visit the pub during this time we apologize in advance.
Beer List:
Our beer list veers heavily towards quality session beers during Mardi Gras; we also tap one macro a year…usually Bud Light. We will still have many fabulous beers on, but you wont see the concentration of Imperial Stouts and High ABV Belgians that we usually tap.
Prices go up
Yep..all the places on the parade route do this. The cost of Mardi Gras is VERY high. We raise our prices about 50 cents across the board during the time frame. Thanks for your patience and understanding that despite the additional business we need to do this to make a profit.
Over 21 Only – Bring your ID
We may know you but the doormen we have to hire for the parades probably don’t. No ID, No admittance.
Smile & Be Sweet To Our Staff
Our hours are long and we’ve been dealing with very drunk people.Sometimes in the chaos we might forget your name or even bark a “what do you want” at you. We apologize in advance.
Please Don’t Yell Our Names Out In  a a Crowded Bar
This may sound silly, but once the name is out then every person at the bar starts yelling it. Having 200 people yelling your name for attention can be overwhelming.
No Outside Food or Drinks
Bar space is limited , door men will not allow coolers or back packs in the door with beverages you didn’t buy from us. Hard to believe but there are hoards of people who want to stand in the bar, use the bathrooms and not spend a dime. Please leave your cans of beer and flasks outside.

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