Mardi Gras Parade Of Beer!

Mardi Gras means we can’t serve in glass! We choose as many delicious craft beers that are below the 8% ABV mark as possible…

Remember: Mardi Gras is a MARATHON…not a sprint!

On Tap:

  • Abita Amber
  • Bayou Teche Courir De Mardi Gras
  • Blanche De Chambly
  • Brooklyn Lager
  • Brooklyn Sorachi Ace
  • Bud Light
  • Crooked  Letter Heffe
  • Crooked Mystery Romp Porter or Chafunkta 504 Porter (whichever has good availability)
  • De La Senne Taras Boubla
  • Fox Pear Cider
  • Green Flash West Coast Ipa
  • Itchegems Grand Cru
  • Lazy Magnolia Jefferson Stout
  • Lazy Magnolia Southern Pecan
  • New Belgium Nola Blackstrap Stout
  • Nola Blonde
  • Nola Flambeaux Red Ale
  • Nola Hopitoulas
  • Nola Irish Channel .Stout
  • Parish Canebrake
  • Parish Envie
  • Scrimshaw Pilsner
  • Sierra Nevada Pale Ale
  • Stillwater Cellar Door
  • Stillwater Existent
  • Stillwater Why Can’t IBU?
  • Sweetwater 420
  • Terrapin Hopsecutioner
  • Thornbridge Kipling
  • Weisdorffer Kolsch

Non Alcoholic Drafts:

  • Abita Root Beer
  • Huhus Ginger Beer

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