Mardi Gras Beer Events!

Friday Feb. 25th
Abita cask conditioned Bourbon Barrel Turbo Dog. Abita made us 2 casks this time ’cause they keep selling out before 8pm! We will tap the first cask at 5:30pm and the parade should reach the Pub by 8pm.

Saturday Feb. 26th
NOLA Brewing’s newest seasonal – Flambeau Red Ale – gets released at the Pub! We will tap the first keg about 1pm and the parades should reach the Pub by 2 or 2:30pm. We will tap a CASK of the Red made just for the event at 2pm!

Sunday Feb. 27th
Saint Arnold’s Brewery will join us as we tap a cask of their beer Elissa. We will also have their Spring Bock & Lawnmower on Tap for the parades. These guys always show up with great giveaways and they are loads of fun to drink with!

Following is a list of other parades passing by the pub (or very near in one case)…

  • Wednesday March 2nd ~  Ancient Druids 6:30pm
  • Thursday March 3rd ~ Babylon 5:45pm, Muses 6:15 pm, Chaos 6:30pm
  • Friday March 4th ~ Hermes 6pm, Krewe d’Etat 6pm, Morpheus 7pm
  • Saturday March 5 ~ Iris 11am, Endymion just passes as close as Lee circle, not in front of the bar. The pub is a great place to park, get started and walk down to see the parade.
  • Sunday March 6th ~ Okeanos 11am, Midcity 11:45am, Tucks 12 noon, Thoth 12noon, Bacchus 5:15pm
  • Monday March 7th ~ Proteus 5:15 pm, Orpheus 6pm
  • Tuesday March 8th ~  Zulu 8am , Rex 11am , Truck parades 2 -4pm

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