Mardi Gras Bathroom Access

Our little corner bar has been a destination for parade watching for 25 years. News crews on the balcony on Mardi Gras day mean that our corner gets all the great band performances. We have become such a large gathering point that we have experienced some challenges in the bathroom department. Although we have always asked that people make a purchase to use our bathrooms this year we will be enforcing it. Our plumbing bills for toilet repair were $3000 during the two weeks of parades. While we love being on the corner where everyone wants to watch parades we simply don’t have a facility that accommodate the entire crowd. We want our bathrooms to be clean, free and easily accessible to all of the folks that DO spend money with us during Mardi Gras and throughout the year. Read about the details and how to get a “Krewe de Toilette” pass below.

Downstairs bathroom access during the big parades will require either
“Krewe de Toilette” wristbands all season pass or bathroom tokens:

“Krewe de Toilette” Wristbands
These are FREE for our mailing list and regular customers. Existing regulars can pick up a rubber wristband with a purchase prior to first parade. We only had a limited amount made so be quick! these are rubber wristbands ( in the style of the LIVE Strong fundraiser bracelets).

Downstairs Bathroom Tokens
All customers making a purchase during a parade will be given a bathroom token when they make a purchase.
Tokens OR wristbands will be required to access the bathrooms during the big parades.
Initially the wristbands will be given out only one at a time if you are present in the bar and have made a purchase when you pick it up. If you are a regular and have people visiting you for the parades contact me and if we have enough left I’ll set a few aside for your guests.

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