Let King Henry Buy You A Drink

Friday, Oct 25th is St Crispin’s Day

I’m a huge Shakespeare fan – so the first thing I thought if when we first started carry Crispin Artisanal Ciders was the famous battle speech that King Henry  of England gives in Shakespeare’s Henry V. For the last several years I’ve intended to throw a party which celebrates this speech and this year we will finally do it!

So don’t be shy…dust off your Shakespearian garb, practice your vocals and get discounts all night – and possibly win a big bar tab for your efforts!!

Perform all or part of this speech for the contest.

Costume is recommended (but NOT required) and and we can provide a crown to get you in character! Don’t worry about your accent as we will likely give points for humor!

Watch the video below (or search Lawrence Olivier’ s famous version) and click here for the entire text of the speech (you really should memorize it though).

“For he who fights with me this day shall be my brother” – Henry V
In this spirit we will give anyone  who comes in costume $2 off their upstairs pints and/or their Crispins for the duration of their visit!

First Prize: $100 bar tab
Second Prize: $50 bar tab
Third prize: Crispin Gift Basket

Balcony opens and discounts begin at 5pm!
Speeches start at 7pm on the balcony… so you can get good and relaxed before you entertain your audience!

[youtube OAvmLDkAgAM 580 356]


Let King Henry Buy You A Drink — 1 Comment

  1. Be in their cups freshly remember’d!

    Brilliant idea, Polly.