Less Smoke, More Beer!

As you may have heard the Pub has made the decision to expand our non smoking hours and square footage. Beginning in Sept 19th the downstairs interior bar will be non smoking from 10am till midnight.

Why are we doing this?

The vast majority of our craft beer and whiskey drinkers don’t smoke. The ones that do generally don’t mind going to an outside space. Even smokers don’t like drinking high end craft beer in “smoky bars”.

Why not just make it non-smoking all the time?

We are a 24 hour bar… That makes us a bit unique in that we have several different client bases. Our day shift, crafty hour and mid evening customers are primarily non smoking craft beer and whiskey drinkers. However late night the pub is a hot spot for service industry ( hotel, bar & Restaurant workers) and 3rd shift healthcare, oilfield and film industry workers. Many many  more of these folks smoke than the average population.  We discount workers like that starting at 2pm so the Pub itself doesn’t make tons of money BUT our staff depends on the tips they get from those groups. Also we love these customers and we like that we can give them a safe, comfortable Environment  in the middle if the night.

BUT, the bar will still smell like smoke!

Yes, the smell won’t be completely erased. You won’t  have someone lighting up and chain smoking while you enjoy your rare sour beer but its likely the pub will to some extent smell like cigarettes. We will run the exhaust fan at 10am to get everything out that we can and a new cleaning schedule for the walls should help as well. It’s not perfect but we hope its better.

How will you enforce this?

We will ask and remind people nicely. We’ve been in business as a smoking bar for almost 28 years. No doubt many customers will not realize this has happened until after a staff member asks them to go outside with their cigarette.

Where can I still smoke during those hours?

On the back patio and the exterior balcony. We will be expanding and upgrading our downstairs back patio over the next few months. There will be heaters in the cold months and misters by next summer.

What about the upstairs bar?

The upstairs bar has been non smoking from open till close for two years. We open at 1pm on Friday, Saturday& Sunday and 5pm the rest of the week. Closing is midnight during the week and roughly 2am on Friday and Saturdays.

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