What a source of angst these have been! The old days when we were slower and only got the occasional request for fills are long gone. The exploding popularity of both the Pub and Craft Beer in general have turned what was once a money losing but easy thing to do, into a service that we just don’t have the manpower to do well much of the time! Our first inclination was to list the times that we couldn’t do them on our website – but that assumes that people have checked our website before they come in and that the times listed are always possible…after all, if you say you can do something, people expect it and we disappoint folks who come in expecting something we can’t accomplish. For example…it’s folly for us to try and fill growlers on Zwanze day or St Patrick’s day – BUT, if we’ve said we will fill growlers on Saturday afternoon we are committed to doing just that. It likely goes without saying that Mardi Gras is just impossible!

So, all that said, the new official policy is that we can not guarantee we will be able to fill your growler at any particular time. We won’t turn you down if it’s possible, but that decision is entirely in the hands of the bartender(s) who are working. We realize this makes it hard for a growler customer to plan, so our best advice is not to come just for having growler filled. If you are coming for a pint or two anyway, bring it along and make sure the staff knows you are willing to wait a bit. FYI, times we can pretty much guarantee  we won’t be able to fill them are: Crafty Hour between 4pm and 6pm and busy times like Friday nights and event days.

New pricing will be as follows: $1 off each 16 ounce portion in a growler unless we are running a particular special. The 9% Sales tax will now be included instead of added. That means standard 64 ounce growler pricing will be $4 off the full price for 4 pints. Rare and one off beers can’t be filled at any time. Highly carbonated beers like Berliner Weiss are not possible either.

Watch our social media for growler fill specials that might be bargain priced!

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