Get A-Head — 2 Comments

  1. Finally, DFH arrives in NOLA! It has been available in the Texas and Florida markets for some time, and now DFH is filling in the gap by bringing their fine products to LA. I’m partial to the 60, 90 minute IPAs and the Indian Brown Ale. Great to have it on draft and look forward to enjoying it at $2 off during Happy Hour from 4-6 PM during the week!!

  2. Even tho I’m going to miss the Dogfish Head (not arriving until 2/5), this event tells me that you are among the COOLEST FOLKS ON THE PLANET!! I’m staying a few blocks down the avenue from you, and in my search for the perfect place to while away the hours over a few pints of lip-smacking crafty brews, my eye zeroed in on this event. Your tap list is top notch, and I’ll be dropping my bags and trudging down St Charles for some liquid rejuvenation ASAfrigggin’P!