Cigar & Beer Pairing

It was such a success last time we are doing it again! Wednesday Feb. 23, 7:30pm is our next Cigar & Beer pairing.
Each pairing includes one cigar and 2 ten ounce glasses of beer. This way you get to try the cigar with a couple of different flavors and see how the experience changes!
Each pairing runs between $13 & $16 dollars; you may choose more than one.
The cigars were chosen by our customer & cigar aficionado Mark Janes who did a lot of market research to find the perfect pairings.
Reservations are appreciated, but not required.
Cigars will be regularly available for purchase upstairs and now that the weather is improving smoking them on the balcony is encouraged!

Option 1 $15
Los Blancos Connecticut Shade (Toro 6 X 52)
This cigar is creamy smooth and effortless  throughout the entire burn.  Discerning smokers find these mild-bodied cigars rich in flavor with a sweet aroma.  Complexity through simplicity.   Cigars with this wrapper tend to pair well with most lagers and pilsners, belgian wits,  or even hefeweisens that don’t pack too much punch.  You don’t want a beer with excessive bite(bitterness) to overwhelm this smoke.
Pairing suggestions on tap:
Hitachino White Nest
Berliner Weisse
Abita “Save Our Shores” Sos Weizen Pils
North Coast Scrimshaw
Brooklyn Lager

Option 2 $13
Baccarat (Petit Corona 5.5 X 42)
This cigar is not purposely “flavored” but recalls tradition with the use of sweet gum to finish the cap.  This addition of natural sweetness takes cigar flavor to a whole new level as its toasty aroma complements the palate and the sweetness from the wrapper finishes on your lips throughout the entire smoke.  The baccarat is a mild, creamy smooth, sweetly satisfying entre that has also become a staple for many seasoned smokers.  It pairs very nicely with any milder, maltier beer (especially those with nutty or sweet fruit tones), including ambers, mild browns, and some bocks.
Pairing suggestions on tap:
Lazy Magnolia Southern Pecan
Covington Brewhouse Strawberry
Sierra Nevada Glissade Golden Bock
Nola Brown Ale
Saint Arnold Fancy Lawnmower

Option 3 $16
Joya De Nicaragua Antaño (Consul 4.5 X 52)
This cigar is medium-full bodied, with an initial hint of citrusy-fruit quickly replaced by a barrage of spice and nut flavors with additional leather and cedar notes.  The incredible complexity of flavors hits the palate like a freight train, yet a milder finish has you ready to go back for another puff.  This cigar pairs well with black or double/imperial ipas, dry irish stouts, and sturdier belgian abbey ales.
Pairing suggestions on tap:
Abita Black Ipa
Stone Sublimely Self Righteous
Brooklyn Main Engine Start Belgian Abbey Singel
Moylans Dragoons Dry Irish Stout
Unibroue La Fin Du Monde Abbey Tripel (Bottle Only)

Option 4 $13
Gurkha Evil (Robusto 5 X 50)
This cigar is complex from first puff to last, producing ample notes of different spices including white and black pepper, anise, and clove.  As the blend burns, its strength increases, creating a full-bodied experience that you’ll feel in your head and gut.  The blend’s brazilian maduro wrapper leaves a pleasant sweetness on the finish.  Perfectly balanced and one of gurkha’s best, it pairs well with many barleywines, strong ales, bolder pale ales/ipas that stand up well to the full-bodied spiciness, or other beers that have similar spice in their nose.
Pairing suggestion:
Stone Arrogant Bastard Strong Ale
North Coast Pranqster Golden Ale
Racer 5 Ipa
Brooklyn East India Pale Ale
Moylans Kiltlifter Scotch Ale

Option 5 $14
Cao Brazilia (Gol! 5 X 56)
The Brazilia line highlights the fuller-bodied side of cao.  Inside is aged nicaraguan filler/binder, but the crowning glory is its spicy brazilian dark-leaf wrapper made from the coveted bahia region premium tobacco, making it very full-flavored as well as full-strength cigar with a long earthy finish.  The gol! is robusto length, but with greater diameter to provide a complex, even-burning, truly unforgettable smoke.   This lush-but-smooth maduro pairs well with stouts (including imperials) that have bitter chocolate or coffee nuances, and red ales tend to complement its earthiness.  Pairing suggestion on tap:
NOLA Irish Channel Stout
Rogue Shakespeare Oatmeal Stout
Harpoon Red Ale
NOLA Flambeaux Red Ale (Will Not Be Available At The Time Of Tasting)
Old Rasputin Imperial Stout

Option 6 $15
And our “flavored” cigar selection…
Cao Moontrance (Corona 5 X 42)
This cigar is nothing less than an explosion of flavor…an intricate and unique blend incorporating 100% natural exotic fruit plus bourbon vanilla extracts.   The bourbon vanilla bean is renowned for its caramel-like sweetness, then married with ripe georgia peach nectar and other organic fruit extracts (including mango and passionfruit).  A splash of white honey from Hawaii is then added, selected for its tropical essence.  Full-flavored but mild-bodied, Moontrance is unique and complex.  The vanilla and peach come through from the first puff, and you’ll enjoy floral and soft leather notes on the exhale.  It promises to captivate “newbies” and surprise veteran cigar smokers.  You’ll likely enjoy this with most wits, as well as less hoppy pale ales, hefeweisens or American wheats.  Other brews that benefit from fruit infusion are also worth a try, including ciders.
Pairing suggestion:
Blanche De Bruxelles
Blue Star Wheathead
Bayou Teche Grenade
Fox Hollow Pear Cider

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