Christmas Beer

Christmas beers are in and selling out fast! In fact, the Anchors Christmases are already gone!
Struisse Tsjeesus
One of the two holiday releases from Struisse (the other is Pannepot) – this is a really great Belgian Strong Ale (10%ABV) with hints of stone fruit and bready yeast goodness. Just like the Pannepot it took me three years of begging to get my hands on a keg; don’t miss it. Also, this is the beer whose label was denied in the US – the European label is a drawing of Jesus obviously under the influence of “herb” – For the US market the Label was redrawn with Jesus wearing sunglasses!
HaandBryggeriet Nissefar (Father Christmas)
Depending on the source this is either an Old Ale or a Porter. Europeans don’t feel the need to fit into certain style parameters, so don’t worry about that. This annual beer is a dark, rich, complex, malty beer packed with chocolate, caramel and raisin flavors. 7%ABV
Noël des Géants (Christmas of the Giants)
Spiced Christmas specialty from Belgium; malty and a bit sweet up front with a dry finish. This one is spiced, but not overly – and despite its complexity is is a very drinkable beer. 8.5% ABV
We will have some cheese to share with these beers.
ALSO NEW ON TAP: Struisse Pannepot Reserva 2009, To ØI Blackball Porter, Stone Imperial Russian Stout (aged for about 6 months to take the heat off), a vinatge Brooklyn Monster Keg 2010 (Barley wine), Hof Ten Dormal Wit Beer made with Chicory root, Saison DuPont, Brooklyn Companion Wheat Wine.


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  1. I have to admit, I love any bar/pub that has this many beers on tap. I really wish more places would make a commitment to having more good beers on tap. Those are the places I always find myself flocking to, and I know many others are the same way.