Buffalo Trace Single Oak Project

The Buffalo Trace Single Oak Project presents 48 different experimental Bourbons over 4 months; the most ambitious Whiskey project we’ve ever seen!

Each small bottle contains Bourbon that has been aged from a different part of the oak tree, had a different mash bill (some Wheat, some Rye) or aged in a varying locations of the Rickhouse. The whole point of this project is to explore all the variables that make one Whiskey different from another. Each month we will release 12 Bourbons for sale. Participants will purchase 1/2 ounce pours of each ($6) over a months time, record their thoughts on their personal tasting card and the Buffalo Trace website. Each Customer who completes all 12 different Single Barrel Bourbons that month will receive a Buffalo Trace Bourbon tasting glass!

Each Set of 12 Bourbons will be available for a month or until we run out…whichever comes first. Complete the series at your leisure any night of the week, but please sign up on a Tuesday…or at the very least one of the slower nights of the week!

 Release Dates at the pub:

  • Tuesday April 30th
  • Tuesday June 4th
  • Tuesday July 2nd
  • Tuesday August 6th

For more information on the entire project and the differences in how each Whiskey is crafted, please check out the Single Oak Poject Website. You can also use this link to sign up for the project online. http://www.singleoakproject.com/

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