Belgian Fest

Belgian Fest Starts Tues., Oct. 26th!

My favorite time of year…we started this month long celebration of Belgian beer last year. We were overwhelmed by its success and we ran out of beer a LOT quicker than we ever dreamed – turns out New Orleanians love the Belgian Palate!

This year we have ordered more and have access to some pretty exciting beers that are just entering La (in some cases the US). The style range cover IPAs, Pale Ales, Dubbles , Triples, Saisons, Red Ales, Lambics and Gueuzes. We only have ONE keg of MOST of what we are tapping. Some tappings have specific dates associated with them and others will rotate through as lines are emptied. Dated tappings tend to be when we have a guest in from Belgium visiting the Pub or a brewer. In the middle of this is the Rollout for our new importer “12 %”; not all of his beers are Belgian, but they are ALL amazing and we are lucky to have them!

Dated tappings & special events:

October 26th 7:30pm Cantillon Mamouche tasting

Not much of this came into the market (18 bottles total) – instead of putting it on the shelf, we are going to pour it in a tasting format so that more than a few people can taste it.

Cantillon Mamouche

This beer started it’s life as the 2009 Zwanze. Like all the Zwnaze beers it was an experiment; this time with Elder flowers. Jean Van Roy loved it so much that he decided to rebrew it as a special batch every so often. The yield is tiny; come try it while we are pouring.

Anchorage White Out Wit

This beer came in right before Zwanze and got lost in the shuffle. The brewer, formerly of Alaskan Brewing, used Jolly Pumpkin wild yeast and aged the beer in Chardonnay barrels. It’s barely sour…and drinks more like wine than beer.

Drie Fonteinen Kriek & Gueuze

If Cantillon is the Mick Jagger of Lambics and Gueuzes, then Armand is Miles Davis. His beers are elegant and artful. Many consider him the best blender alive today. DF lasts a little longer on the shelves because many new sour drinkers don’t know about him.

$20 plus tax. gratuity not included. Cheese will be included.

This is a first come first serve event. Our quantities are limited.


Belgian Fest — 2 Comments

  1. Looking forward to the Belgian Fest! I’ll be there tonight bringing a crew of people. Just a quick question: is there a page listing all of the events for the month or a way we can register to get emails for each event? Thanks!

    • Events are generally listed on the Events Calendar and if you signup for the email list, you will get advance notice of all events, specials…and often some “email only” specials! You can also subscribe to the RSS Feed, follow us on Twitter and friend us on Facebook!