We have 40+ draft taps and dozens more in bottles – so many we had to use a whole page – click to see The Big Beer List!

We also serve a wide range of other spirits…too many to mention, but sure to have something for all tastes! Check out our premium Bourbon, Rye & Whiskey here.

32-47 Rotating Taps!

nola_brewing_blondeWe update our draft list as often as possible. Many times these changes happen so frequently that the list you see may not reflect all of our offerings! Sometimes we take a beer off for a month or two (longer if it’s a seasonal) in order to put an unusual or new beer on. The favorites usually come back.

We favor American Craft Beers – if we have access to a good American craft we will replace an import of  the same style. We do this because American craft beer is not heat pasteurized – most European imports have been heat pasteurized to preserve them for their trip “across the pond”. This is why a Paulaner in the United states doesn’t taste like the Paulaner you might have tried in Europe…and never will. There are many American crafts that taste more like European beers tasted in Europe than their imported counterparts!

This is grain, which any fool can eat, but for which the Lord intended a more divine means of consumption…Beer!
~ Friar Tuck, “Robin Hood: Prince Of Thieves”

We are very picky about the imports we choose. They tend to be excellent examples of their style and are usually not commonly available. We periodically receive unpasteurized product from Europe and you will always see a great deal of fanfare about those beers. When we can get them they are truly special products!

If you want to taste a couple of our beers before you decide, please ask the bartender for a tasting menu. They will help you design a flight or tastes that suit your needs.

Why Our Draft Tastes Better

Lots of people sell draft beer in New Orleans; very few do it well. The taste of draft beer changes dramatically depending on the way it is stored. What gas or mix of gases you use to push the beer – and the condition and length of the draft lines all make a difference.
Read more about how we accomplish this…

Dozens Of Craft Bottles

Our bottles rotate also. We keep an eye on the freshness dates and routinely restock with seasonal specials.

Brew News

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