Bathroom Access During Parades

Rex-1912-on-throneOur small bar gets a little overwhelmed during the parades. We can not provide bathroom facilities for the general public…only customers of the pub.

Wristbands For Regulars

If you are a regular, please ask the bartender for a wristband that will allow you access to the bathrooms for all parades. We know you spend money with us all year long – so even you are drinking on the neutral ground out of your own ice chest, we want to be able to offer you use of the bathroom! Please don’t give your wristband out to random people in the crowd and remember that you can not bring any outside beverages into the pub. (It’s fine to loan it to your buddy while you watch the parade together.)

Parade Customers

Each time you purchase a drink, you will receive a ticket for bathroom use. We give more than one at the beginning of the parade,s so you can get ahead and use the bathroom before you order your next drink.

Everybody stands in line!

Yeah, we hate it too…but that’s just the nature of the beast. Limiting the line to just people who are customers, or have just purchased a drink, does make the lines less of a mess!


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  1. Are yall giving wristbnds to your email addresses like last year?