ACBW 2015 – Sat. May 16 – Grand Tasting, 1pm

Our annual ACBW Grand Tasting event! Saturday May 16, 2015 – 1pm

Many of the above Beers, plus these following – check our social media during the week to see exactly what will re-appear on Saturday! À la carte of $30 for 10 pours. Last ticket sold at 8pm. Last bottle opened at 8pm. Because we are a 24 hour bar, downstairs ticket holders have as long as they want to finish their tasting tickets!


  • Yalobusha Calamity White Pepper 3% Saison
  • Yalobusha Snopes Pilsner
  • Yalobusha Guard Your Heart
  • New Belgium Lips Of Faith Coco Mole
  • New Belgium Lips Of Faith Pear Ginger
  • Upright #7 & #6 ,
  • Grimm Shapeshifter
  • Prairie Limo Tint
  • Prairie Funky Gold Amarillo
  • Terrapin Maggies Peach Saison
  • St Somewhere Anne
  • St Somewhere Saison Athene
  • Saint Arnold Divine Reserve (?)
  • Southern Prohibition Soul Glo Funky Saison

Bottle Pours:

  • Brooklyn Local 1-Belgian Style Golden Triple
  • Brooklyn Local 2-Darker Version Of Local 1 With Wildflower Honey
  • Bruery & Swans A Swimming Quad
  • Bruery Mischief- Hoppy Belgian-Style Golden Ale
  • Nola Funk Series
  • Breury Rueuze-Blend Of Sour Blonde Ales
  • Brooklyn K Is For Kriek
  • Santa Fe Single Barrel Sour Ale Aged In Bourbon Barrels
  • Evil Twin Aún Más Café Jesus
  • Evil Twin Imperial Biscotti Break – Imperial Stout With Coffee, Almonds, Vanilla Beans
  • Bayou Teche Bière Joie Oak Aged With Coffee
  • Sierra Nevada Barrel Aged Narwhal-Imperial Stout
  • Against The Grain Brettish Bulldog -Old Ale With Brett
  • Breury Saison Lente
  • Breury Saison Rue
  • Brooklyn Black Ops – Imperial Stout Aged In Bourbon Barrels
  • Brooklyn Hand And Seal – Barrel Aged Barley Wine
  • Prairie Ale – Saison
  • Prairie Christmas Bomb – Prairie Bomb Espresso/Vanilla Imperial Stout With Spices
  • Off Color Dino S’mores – Stout Brewed With Marshmallows
  • Evil Twin Biscotti Break Natale – Imperial Biscotti Break With Sour Cherries
  • Breweru Ignus Fatuus 2014 – Porter With Pumpkins
  • Parish Grand Reserve 2014 – Barley Wine
  • Bruery Or Xata – Blonde Ale Brewed With Cinnamon, Vanilla Beans And Lactose


ACBW 2015 – Sat. May 16 – Grand Tasting, 1pm — 2 Comments

  1. Hello – I’m arriving in New Orleans this Wednesday and hope to visit during your ACBW events. I like SMALL SAMPLES when there are so many beers to try so – what is your “POUR” size or the smallest size I could buy of these special brews?

    thank you