We don’t like to brag, but…

Draft Magazine

Draft Magazine

The Avenue Pub consistently named one of the Top 100 Beer Bars in America!

Only in New Orleans will you find a beer bar open 24/7. The staff is militant about clean beer lines and proper glassware, so even when you stumble in at 4 a.m. you get the best pint in the city. Choose from more than 47 rotating taps and about as many bottles, all focusing on American beer. Go for an exhaustive introduction to local NOLA Brewing or to people-watch from the balcony. (link)

We were also mentioned in Draft Magazine’s 8 ways to have a beery Halloween

Not Just Beer…Whiskey Too! Redfin named us in The 12 Best Cities For Whiskey Lovers:

The Big Easy earned its nickname due to its laidback way of life, and what better way to celebrate the breezy nature of the city than by enjoying a distilled delight? While N’Awlins is home to a handful of distilleries, the best way to enjoy a varied selection of whiskeys from around the world is to make a stop to one of its charming, homegrown institutions, where you can bask in the wonder of whiskey long after Mardi Gras.

Complex Magazine


The Avenue Pub chosen as the #12 of The 25 Best Beer Bars in America

Beer is important. Thus it is important that you find a bar that takes beer even more seriously than you do. You want the staff to be knowledgable, you want the lines to be clean, the tap list to be hella deep—no, you need all of these things. Don’t misunderstand us—there is a time and a place for Bud bottles, the good cheap shit. But just as there’s a time for goofing off, there’s a time to take things to church. Which is exactly what a great beer bar is: a church, a temple. These spots are all holy. If you love beer, or want to put yourself on the path to booze enlightenment, you need to take a pilgrimage to one of these joints. These are the 25 Best Beer Bars in America. Full List 

Beer Advocate


Rated “World Class” by BeerAdvocate!

Any neighborhood pub that’s open 24 hours and rocks a late night happy hour menu is tops in our book. Mix in the city’s best beer selection, and you’ve got a serious contender for the exalted title of “Greatest Place In The Universe, Ever!”

The Beer Buddha

the beer buddha

Best Beer Bar in 2011

Honestly this category really isn’t fair; but why punish one bar because all the others can’t hold it’s jockstrap? We all know The Avenue Pub is THE beer bar in not only New Orleans but in Louisiana. Nothing against all the other bars in the state but you ALL know you have a long way to go to be mentioned in the same sentence with AP.