* The Avenue Pub is a 21 & over establishment. We’re sorry but we cannot accommodate groups that have members who are under the age of 21. Click here for Balcony or Patio Booking

Parties & Group Reservations (non Mardi Gras)

balconyYes, we’d love it if you booked…but you can’t make a large group reservation for the upstairs bar… Success is a good thing, right? Well, the pub has become so busy that we cannot reliably book large groups or parties on nights that we would already be busy. We are now only rarely taking reservations for large groups on Thursday, Friday or Saturday nights. Previous commitments will of course be honored and we will always try our best to accommodate our regular customers.

What can we do?

Email us if you are interested in a slower night. If your group is one that would mingle well with the rest of our customers and not require seating or space be set aside just for them then give us the heads up that you are coming. We will check the dates and make sure no other group has told us of plans for that same night. We are always happy to provide a table for a birthday cake with advance notice. We are also happy to wristband your guests if you want to pay for their drinks. You can set your tab limit at the beginning of the night and the bartenders will keep track of it for you.

Consider reserving the back patio

Our newly enlarged back patio has more seating in one area that any place inside the bar. We will take reservations for the two long banks of seating that we have out there. The two banks of tables accommodate about 24 seated people but the space itself can accommodate another 25 standing.

Pub Crawls

We love pub crawls and we love them even more if they give us a ‘heads up’ – so we can be staffed up to serve you quickly! Email us the timing and the route and we will be prepared! We do not offer discounts to attract non-charitable Pub crawls, but we do work with 501c3 organizations to help them make the most money out of their crawl. If your crawl is intended to generate funds for your 501c3 then email us the details and we might be able to donate as well.

Mardi Gras

For special events, see THIS PAGE.

Parade Dates

BacchagatorIn New Orleans, Mardi Gras is always approaching – and if you don’t know, celebrations in New Orleans begin on “Twelfth Night” (12 days after Dec. 25) and carry right through to Mardi Gras Day! The Avenue Pub Balcony is THE place to watch a St Charles Ave. Mardi Gras parade (the BIG ones). So good in fact that the News Crews rent out our balcony every year to do their Mardi Gras Day Broadcast! We give groups that rent the balcony each year the “first right of refusal” for the next year. The list below will show you which nights are already booked solid, which nights are completely open and which are in that process. Booking a group for the Night (or day or a parade) means you and your guests have the entire upstairs bar, bathroom and balcony to yourselves for the duration of the day or evening. We only book groups of 100 people or less for a parade. Only 75 people are allowed on the balcony at one time. Many people spend the hours before the parade upstairs, but choose to go up and down the stairs to see the parade.

Click to check the full official schedule for Mardi Gras! (remember we are on the “Uptown” route)

Please be aware that rates do not include food or gratuity – 20% gratuity is added at close. We encourage groups to provide their own catering. Also note: Events On The Avenue requires a minimum of 50 persons to book.
photo07All the major parades pass by the Pub, with the exception of Endymion which only comes as close as Lee Circle (about 8 blocks down St. Charles). Below you will find a schedule of each parade and the date times they roll. Times listed are parade start times – parades usually hit the pub between 2 to 3 hours after they start. The major parades take longer…and it’s all weather dependent. Our corner is a mix of young adults and families; the view is so good that Fox 8 News does their broadcast from the Pub every Fat Tuesday!

photo043Downstairs Bar:

The downstairs bar is open 24/7 to welcome parade goers! We do not accept reservations for seating for any parades in the downstairs bar. If you’ve been to Mardi Gras you’ll know the party is as much in the street and neutral grounds as it is in the bars along the parade route. Joining in the crowds fun is the best way to experience Mardi Gras!

photo08Upstairs Bar and Balcony:

Some parades are open to the public until we reach our capacity of 100 people on the balcony. Customers need to purchase their drinks in the upstairs bar to access the balcony before and during the parades. See details on how to get access on specific days below
Click here for Balcony or Patio Booking Parade start times listed below. Parades generally reach the Pub 2 to 3 hours after they start.


Please note: The Avenue Pub is a 21 and over establishment and can not accommodate groups that have guests under the age of 21.

Balcony/Patio Booking