Our food is best tasted fresh on a plate – and we’d like to see less paper & plastic waste in the world, so the Pub strongly discourages “To Go” ordering. We do not accept call in orders and we do not work with any food delivery services. Please join us at the Pub to enjoy our craft beer, whiskey and menu selections!

Nathaniel Zimet of Boucherie is now our Consulting Chef

Even though our menu is now closer to that of a restaurant…and a locally sourced one at that, our license is still for a bar. That means we can not have anyone under the age of 21 on the property; sadly this includes our front sidewalk tables & back patio.

A Note About Our Vegan Items & Food Allergies

All our vegan items are prepared from vegan ingredients, but due to the size of the kitchen the fryer & prep surfaces are shared with non vegan prep.

We note anything that might be an allergy trigger on our menu, like nuts or shellfish, but our kitchen is too small to have an area that we can guarantee there will be no contact with those ingredients.

Please make your Pub Food order at the Kitchen Counter.
Sales tax will be added to all items

Small Plates

All Small Plates Are Vegan

Tempura Fried Mushrooms – $7
Flash fried oyster mushrooms in tempura batter with house made remoulade.

Hummus & Pita – $8.50
Made fresh in house daily

Cauliflower Hummus – $8.50 (recipe courtesy of Nathanial Zimet)
Fresh cauliflower and coconut milk.

Roasted Veggie Quesadilla – $8.50 (recipe courtesy of Nathanial Zimet)
Roasted zucchini, squash, eggplant, red bell peppers, tomatoes, onions and spinach with a cauliflower Sriracha dipping sauce and fresh salsa
~with cheddar $9.50
~with cheddar and chicken or grilled shrimp $11
~add fresh jalapeños $1
~add bacon $2


Pomme Frites – $5
We cut them fresh daily, skin on and thin.

To Die for Fries – $8
Hand cut fries with our cheddar Bechamel sauce
~add fresh jalapeños $1
~add bacon $2

Dump Truck Fries – $11 (recipe courtesy of Nathanial Zimet)
Hand cut fries, cheddar Bechamel & Bourée pulled pork
~add fresh jalapeños $1
~add bacon $2

House Specialties

Fried Green Tomatoes & Shrimp Remoulade – $8.50
3 tempura fried green tomatoes topped with boiled Gulf shrimp and housemade remoulade *Vegan option available topped with roasted vegetables.
Suggested beer pairing: Chimay White Belgian Tripel or Lindemans Cuvée René Gueuze

Toast aux Champignons – $11 (recipe courtesy of Nathanial Zimet)
Our take on a classic dish served all over Belgium! Roasted cremini mushrooms, locally baked bread, in a dark beer fondue with tarragon & thyme.
Suggested beer pairing: Orval Trappist Ale

Chicken Confit – $12 (recipe courtesy of Nathanial Zimet)
Springer Farm organic chicken preserved in duck fat served over greens, with a tart cherry emulsion, served with Bellegarde Ciabatta slices.
Suggested beer pairing: Rochefort 10 Trappist Quad

Currywurst – $12 (recipe courtesy of Nathanial Zimet)
Fried Bourrée brat, with garlicky mashed potatoes, curried ketchup & coleslaw.
Suggested beer pairing: Achel Bruin Trappist Brown Ale

St James Cheese & Bourrée Charcuterie Plate – $17.50
Miticana de Cabra soft goat, Delice de Bourgogne triple crème with elderflower soaked raisins, Cabot cloth bound cheddar, rotating charcuterie, with accoutrements, and Bellegarde Ciabatta slices.
Suggested beer pairing: Rochefort 10 Trappist Quad or Chimay Grand Reserve Trappist Quad

Bourrée Boudin Plate – $17.50
Boudin done three ways: Chicken, Shrimp and Pork boudin links with curried ketchup, smoked remoulade and whole grain wine soaked Dijon mustard for dipping and house accoutrements.
Suggested beer pairing: Duvel Belgian Strong Blond Ale

Burgers & Sandwiches

All sandwiches served with fries, may substitute side salad

Pub Burger$14
7oz artisanal dry-aged and certified Angus beef, arugula, tomato, onions, pickles, garlic aioli on a Gracious Challah bun.
~add cheddar, goat, swiss or blue cheese at no charge
~add farmhouse bacon, $2
~add candied bacon: $3

Cajun Croque Monsieur – $13 (recipe courtesy of Nathanial Zimet)
Bourrée brown sugar smoked ham & tasso, aged Swiss, spicy olive salad and coarse grain Dijon mustard on toasted Wild Flour Brioche topped with tempura shallots.

Pulled Pork – $11 (recipe courtesy of Nathanial Zimet)
Bourrée pulled pork topped with house made coleslaw, on a Gracious Challah bun with sriracha aioli.

Fromage Grille – $11
Sharp Cheddar & Goat cheese, local tomatoes, roasted mushrooms, caramelized onions on toasted Wild Flour Brioche.
~add farmhouse bacon, $2
~add thick cut candied bacon, $3