Our food is best tasted fresh on a plate – and we’d like to see less paper & plastic waste in the world, so the Pub strongly discourages “To Go” ordering. We do not accept call in orders and we do not work with any food delivery services. Please join us at the Pub to enjoy our craft beer, whiskey and menu selections!

Nathaniel Zimet of Boucherie is now our Consulting Chef

Even though our menu is now closer to that of a restaurant…and a locally sourced one at that, our license is still for a bar. That means we can not have anyone under the age of 21 on the property; sadly this includes our front sidewalk tables & back patio.

A Note About Our Vegan Items & Food Allergies

All our vegan items are prepared from vegan ingredients but due to the size of the kitchen the fryer & prep surfaces are shared with non vegan prep.

We note anything that might be an allergy trigger on our menu like nuts or shellfish but our kitchen is too small to have an area that we can guarantee there will be no contact with those ingredients.

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