A Little Drafty In Here… — 5 Comments

  1. I will be in New Orleans the last week in February, first time back since before Katrina…. I saw your bar listed on some list as one of the best in the US, looking forward to having a few beers there. I have been keeping track of every beer I have had for the last 20+ years, the list currently is up to 14,600+ beers… from the reading I have done sounds like The Avenue is my kind of place…. look forward to some good beers…. Dave

  2. Thanks Ms Polly for all the good brews over the years. Your pub is #1 on our list when we visit NOLA. Please know your attention to detail and the great selection of craft beer is well known among beer lovers in central Pennsylvania.

  3. this is more proof why this is one of the best bars in the country and probably the world

  4. It is great to see a Pub with the customer in mind. Clean taps make a world of difference when drinking Tap Ale. I only drink beer off the tap at a few places and the Avenue Pub is one of them. Great service and quality as always!