A Little Drafty In Here…

Many of you have no doubt heard about our upstairs draft system issue on Friday night. Just to repeat what has already gone out on social media: our house made ginger beer leaked into the CO2 lines at about midnight in the upstairs system and tainted the beers. On Saturday morning we made the decision to credit all the charges that were made on Friday night after 11pm that had beer on them from the upstairs bar and based on this, made the decision to gut the and replace all the lines in the upstairs bar. That work is almost complete and the upstairs bar should reopen by Tuesday, Dec 2nd.

taps-bottles-sepia-smOn Saturday morning we tested the lines downstairs and the associated CO2 feeds to assure ourselves that nothing had intruded downstairs. We didn’t think it was possible for the upstairs to contaminate the downstairs but we wanted to make sure (there is a very small section of shared line). All weekend we tasted beers to assure ourselves that nothing was amiss and felt confident. Monday morning a single customer emailed me a complaint about a beer she had been served the night before. Still fully confident, I went down to taste it but sadly found an off flavor. After testing the system again, tasting almost everything on it, disconnecting CO2 lines and reconnecting them to fresh CO2 sources, using jockey boxes with independent CO2 sources to test two identical kegs next to each other and a myriad of other tests we still have not been able to confirm that there is a problem. In fact we can’t even recreate that same off flavor with the keg that initiated the complaint. However if I’m not confident, I can’t ask customers to be confident in us. So we have made the (probably completely unnecessary) decision to gut the downstairs walk-in as well.

This work will start this morning (Tuesday) and hopefully be finished Wednesday Dec 3rd. The upstairs system should be complete by Tuesday Dec 2nd so draft will be available no later than Tuesday night in the upstairs bar. We are taking the opportunity to replace all the beer lines and manifolds as well as add additional regulators. At the end of this process our system will be even better than it was before!

If you were in on Monday night you already know that we weren’t charging for the draft beer we served. While we think its extremely unlikely that anyone was served a less than perfect beer this week if you had one we would love to refund your purchase. We are very proud of the beer we serve and the way we take care of it and while we don’t know that this is the necessary thing to do, we know it’s not the wrong thing to do. A sincere and deep thanks to our customer base for their patience and humor – and my staff for working long hours to fix this!


A Little Drafty In Here… — 5 Comments

  1. I will be in New Orleans the last week in February, first time back since before Katrina…. I saw your bar listed on some list as one of the best in the US, looking forward to having a few beers there. I have been keeping track of every beer I have had for the last 20+ years, the list currently is up to 14,600+ beers… from the reading I have done sounds like The Avenue is my kind of place…. look forward to some good beers…. Dave

  2. Thanks Ms Polly for all the good brews over the years. Your pub is #1 on our list when we visit NOLA. Please know your attention to detail and the great selection of craft beer is well known among beer lovers in central Pennsylvania.

  3. this is more proof why this is one of the best bars in the country and probably the world

  4. It is great to see a Pub with the customer in mind. Clean taps make a world of difference when drinking Tap Ale. I only drink beer off the tap at a few places and the Avenue Pub is one of them. Great service and quality as always!