4th Annual “Blow the Kegs” – Mardi Gras Night

Mardi Gras Night – Tues Feb 12th (no earlier than 7pm)

We celebrate the end of the season by clearing all the taps after the parades have finished. For years many of our Police friends come hang out with us after their duties are completed. We try hard to clear the bar of drunken revellers, put the tables back and break out the pint glasses!

Please join us for this deep discount night ($2 & $3 drafts) if you HAVEN’T been partying all day and aren’t in costume. We love seeing our serious beer geek regulars walk in after the craziness and re-take their bar from the hordes of drunken revellers!

The next day (Ash Wednesday) we clean all the lines and start tapping all those high ABV fussy beers we can’t serve during Mardi Gras!

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