Regional Beer Events

This is a spot to list other events that are not at our Pub – but worth attending.

— Stay tuned for more —

Why don’t you see a Pub Presence at these events? Lots of people ask us this!
We donate beer to many of the charity beer festivals each year: WYES International Beer Fest (WYES), New Orleans on Tap (LASPCA), Beer Not Bullets 2011 – for example. The for profit events charge sponsorship fees that we just don’t have in our budget. We keep a pretty small staff – it’s hard to find and train employees who know as much as about beer as we do and its important to us that our employees have health insurance and can make a living working just at the Pub which requires a full time work schedule. That means we don’t always have extra staff to send to these events. Please know that we are glad these events take place and encourage you to attend anything that involves good beer in this community…even if we are hard at work back at the Pub and cant attend with you.