ACBW at The Avenue Pub

The Brewers Association, the national non-profit association on behalf of the majority of today’s U.S. breweries, and publishers of, celebrate the culmination of these events each May with American Craft Beer Week (ACBW), The Mother of All Beer Weeks. A chance to introduce Beer Lovers to some of the finest new brews in the country!

American Craft Beer Week 2017: May 15-21

One of our two favorite weeks of the year! (the other week is Zwanze in September). This week we celebrate all things made by American Craft Brewers. Each night during the week has a theme, as we try explore and dig deep into our favorite styles. Then on Saturday we have a Grand Tasting, where we open up every American Craft bottle in the house and turn over all our drafts to American Craft Beer! There will be tasting tickets for most nights and for the Grand Tasting, but most drafts will also be sold a la carte. If you can’t come on a particular night, keep a sharp eye on our social media as many of these beers will go on a day or two prior to their event day and some will reappear for the Grand Tasting.

ACBW 2017

Sunday May 14th – Mother’s Day with Bayou Teche

6th Annual Mother’s Day/ACBW Crawfish Boil – Mom’s first Beer and plate of Crawfish are FREE!


  • Swamp Thing IPA
  • Noire
  • Acadie
  • Miel Sauvage
  • A Giant Hop for Mankind
  • Saison d’Ecrevisses

Monday May 15th – NOLA Syncopation IPA Release


  • NOLA Syncopation IPA monday release 5pm
  • NOLA DDH Hurricane Saison Mosaic & Galaxy

Tuesday May 16th – Barrel Aged & Barleywine Night

Choose 7 four ounce pours, $25 plus tax


  • Founders KBS
  • Great Raft Old Mad Joy Heaven Hill Barrel
  • Great Raft Old Mad Joy Pappy Van Winkle Barrel w/ Coffee & Cinnamon
  • Parish Grand Reserve 2014
  • Parish Grand Reserve 2016
  • Bells Traverse City Porter
  • Southern Prohibition Bourbon Barrel Aged Imperial Stout
  • Southern Prohibition Barrel Aged Fireant
  • NOLA
  • Check Yourself Before You Breck Yourself (Imperial Stout Aged In Breckinridge Bourbon Barrels)

Bottle Pours:

  • Barrel Aged Old Rasputin XVIII Rye Barrel 2015
  • Evil Twin Biscotti Raspberry Umami 2016
  • Evil Twin Maple Jesus
  • Brooklyn Hand and Seal 2014
  • Brooklyn Quintaceratops 2015
  • Founders Backwoods Bastard 2016

Wednesday May 17th – Sours Night

Choose 6 four ounce draft pours, $20 plus tax


  • Goose Island Juliet
  • Goose Island Madame Rose
  • Goose Island Lolita
  • Prairie Apricot Funk
  • Cascade Kentucky peach
  • Casacade Noyaux Sang Noir,
  • Casacade Sang du Chene
  • Casacade Blueberry
  • SoPro Dry Hopped Berliner
  • Great Raft You, Me & Every One We Know
  • NOLA Dry Hopped Lowerline
  • NOLA Desire
  • NOLA Arabella

Thursday May 18th – Jester King Night

Choose 5 four ounce bottle pours (while supplies last), $20 plus tax

Bottle Pours:

  • Amager/Jester King Danish Metal
  • Black Metal 2015
  • Biere Miel 2015
  • Provenance 2015
  • Figlet 2016
  • Autmnal Dichotomous 2015
  • Vernal Dichotomous 2016
  • Mad Meg 2015
  • Ambree

Friday May 19th – Locals Night


  • Great Raft / DC Brau Collaboration – Belgian Pale Ale
  • Gnarley Barley Jucifer IPA (Dry Hopped with Citra, Cascade & Mosaic)
  • Tin Roof FOMO IPA (New England Style & Possible The Double)
  • Wayward Owl Galactik Quaker
  • Wayward Owl Hopsurdity
  • NOLA Rubics Cubism (Mixed Culture Blend with Chardonnay Yeast, Barrel Aged, Mixed Worts & Dry Hopped with Mosiac after the dump)

Saturday May 20th – Grand Tasting Day

Choose 10 four ounce draft pours, $22 plus tax. Choose 5 four ounce bottle pours (while supplies last), $22 plus tax

Draft: TBA…

Bottle Pours

  • Jester King SPON Peach/Apricot 2016
  • Jester King Gueuze Blend 1 2016
  • Blackberry Farm Classic Saison
  • Blackberry Farm Winter Saison
  • Blackberry Farm Summer Saison
  • Blackberry Farm Apricot Saison
  • Blackberry Farm Plum Basil Saison
  • Blackberry Farm 1976 Saison
  • Bruery Hummulus Terreux
  • Bruery Mischief
  • Bruery Saison Rue
  • Bruery Gypsy Tart
  • Bruery White Oak

Assorted…Will Make An Appearance Throughout The Week


  • Bells Mango Habanero Oberon
  • Prairie Paradise
  • Prairie PeKan
  • Burial The Prayer Apricot (American Blonde Ale With Apricots)
  • Burial The Keeper’s Veil (Honey Saison)
  • Burial Tin Cup Camp Stout
  • Burial Hawkbill IPA


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